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Green Breeze is Located at Montalban,Rizal.

At Green Breeze, you are promised to breathe into a fresh community. The name of the house and lot development alone should provide you with a hint on what the location is like. Green Breeze by Verdant Point is located in Montalban, Rizal. The setting of this development is naturally enchanting. It is a great choice for anyone who is seeking to live somewhere quiet and close to nature. If you are tired of the urban lifestyle, you can invest in a home here and enjoy the relaxing residential enclave that is Green Breeze.

Green Breeze is developed amidst a sea of rolling terrains and mountain ranges. However, it is still fairly accessible to and from Metro Manila, or other points in the CALABARZON region. You can easily access it via the Litex Road if you are traveling from Quezon City. You must traverse through Commonwealth Avenue and cross the Batasan-San Mateo Bridge. Aside from Quezon City, Montalban in Rizal is easily accessible to and from the CBD areas of Marikina, Cubao, and Novaliches. 

It is also easy to get to this subdivision due to the availability of public transport systems. Your options for public transport to get around easily in the Montalban area include jeepneys, FX vans, and buses. These public transport options also serve routes on a 24-hour basis for added convenience.

The municipality of Montalban, also known as Rodriguez, is located at the northernmost part of the province. It is home to many resorts due to the beautiful location of the area considering its proximity to the Sierra Madre mountain range. It is mostly known as a town of mountains. The terrain in this town is dominated by rolling hills, mountain ranges, hills, and sloping ridges. Thus, it is a nature lover’s haven. You will be able to wake up to the smell of fresh breeze and the lush greens. 

The beauty of nature is not the sole reason why Verdant Point chose to develop this site for Green Breeze. It is also a strategic location since all of the businesses and establishments that can facilitate your basic needs are easily accessible. As the most populated town in Rizal, it is booming in terms of business and economy. There are plenty of employment and business opportunities for those who live in Montalban, Rizal. 

There are also several options for good hospitals nearby, should you need medical and health care services. These hospitals include St. Mark Hospital, H Vill Hospital, and N. Medcare Hospital. When it comes to educational establishments, there are also plenty of options for families seeking good schools for their kids. Some of these schools are Burgos Elementary School, Divine Saviour Montessori School, Montalban Heights National High School, University of Rizal System, Asian Institute of Computer Studies, and more.

As mentioned above, Montalban is a famous resort town. Therefore, you can find a wide assortment of resorts that can cater to your recreational needs such as Villa Rivera Wave Resort, Rancho Luisito, Water Park and Garden Resort, and Karugo Falls.

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